Naperville Districts

On April 9, 2013, Naperville voters approved a referendum question that would retain the existing “at-large” system of voting for City Council members. The referendum question passed with 66 percent of the vote. This action reversed the 2010 referendum question that called for the establishment of districts by 2015.

During the April 9, 2013 City Council election, four candidates were elected to two-year terms. Council terms are typically four-years, staggered such that half of the Council is elected every two years. The two-year terms were required as a result of the 2010 referendum in order to facilitate a district election in 2015. As a result, ALL eight at-large City Council representative terms will expire in 2015.

In 2015, each voter will be able to select eight at-large City Council representatives in addition to voting for the Mayor. Districts will not be implemented.

The length of Council terms will be decided by the total number of votes received. In 2015, the four Council candidates who receive the most votes will serve four-year terms and these seats will be up for election again in 2019. The next four individuals to receive the most votes will serve two-year terms. In 2017, the seats of the individuals who served two-year terms will be up for election as a four-year term. These actions are necessary to once again stagger Council terms and have half of the Council elected every two years. The Mayoral seat was not impacted in any way by the districting process and remains a four-year term.