Centennial Beach

In 1931, a group of 33 Naperville residents purchased the Centennial Beach property, then an abandoned, double quarry, from the Von Oven Estate. Actual development of the pool began in 1932 as a permanent memorial to Naperville's 100th Anniversary.

Approximately 2,500 visitors converge on Centennial Beach on a typical warm summer day, with more than 155,000 utilizing the water facility each year. The beach features water depths for swimmers or waders of all ages. It features almost six acres of fence-enclosed area with park facilities. Centennial Beach is open on all non-school days from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Season passes are available.

For more information, see Centennial Beach Outbound Link Icon at the Naperville Park District's Web site or call Centennial Beach at (630) 848-5000.