Emergency Preparedness Guide

Emergency Preparedness Guide CoverEmergencies occur quickly and without notice. That is why being prepared for anything is the best approach. As residents of the Midwest, we fortunately do not confront many earthquakes or hurricanes, but  in our region we confront other weather-related events such as flooding, tornadoes and extreme cold from time to time. Regrettably, we must also prepare ourselves for other man-made disasters. Train derailments, hazardous material spills and worse yet, terrorist attacks are all possibilities that must be considered.

The City of Naperville created the Emergency Preparedness Guide to allow you, the resident and business owner, to prepare yourself and family in the event of a natural or man-made emergency. Homeland security starts at home and at work. The City of Naperville has spent considerable time and resources on planning, training and equipping first responders, staff and volunteers to manage emergencies of all types, including terrorism incidents. While the city has taken these special measures, it is the responsibility of each citizen to take informed steps to prepare their homes, businesses and families to cope with any disaster to the best of their ability.