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Available E-news Subscriptions

City News, Events and Meeting Announcements:

  • City Link - 
    Weekly reminders about city services, public meetings, development updates, upcoming special events and more.
  • Press Releases -
    Stay up-to-date on the latest city news! The city notifies you whenever we post a new media release. 
  • Meeting Agendas -
    Sign up to receive notification when agendas are available on the city's Web site for meetings of the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) and others. For a full listing and more information, visit Boards and Commissions.

General City Information:

  • Animal Control Office: Paws and Claws News -
    A quarterly newsletter that will feature information on animal safety, responsible pet ownership and living in harmony with wildlife.
  • Commuter Connection -
    The latest news on commuter parking and public transit for Naperville area commuters.
  • Community Development Block Grant/Social Services Grant -
    Learn more about what opportunities are available through the federally funded Community Development Block Grant Program and also the city-funded Social Services Grant program.
  • Downtown Advisory Commission -
    This newsletter highlights important topics being discussed by commission members that could have an impact in the downtown area, which also includes the ongoing implementation of the Downtown2030 Plan.
  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) -
    Since it was discovered in Naperville in 2008, the City has been actively working to reduce the effect of this harmful beetle on the community’s ash tree population.
  • Emergency Preparedness -
    Sign up to learn more about how to prepare yourself and your loved ones in the event of an emergency.
  • Historic Preservation -
    Provides updates and other information related to historic preservation in Naperville.
  • Manager's Memorandum (MM) -
    The Manager's Memorandum is a weekly communication compiled by the City Manager's Office updating City Council on initiatives, projects, events and other areas of importance.
  • New Our Voice: A Naperville Senior Task Force Publication -
    A quarterly newsletter connecting Naperville’s senior community with programs, services and timely information to help foster continued health & well-being, education, and independent living.  
  • Riverwalk -
    The latest news on Naperville’s Downtown Riverwalk. E-mails are sent periodically to provide updates and other news related to the “Crown Jewel of Naperville.”

Current Projects:

  • Fifth Avenue Study -
    The latest news on the Fifth Avenue Study.
  • Ogden Avenue Corridor Enhancements -
    The latest news on the Ogden Avenue Corridor Enhancement Initiative.
  • Route 59 Expansion -
    Get the latest news on efforts to improve traffic congestion and safety along the Route 59 corridor.
  • Washington Street Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study -
    Find out about public input opportunities and view information on the study that will analyze pedestrian improvements on Washington Street across the West Branch DuPage River.
  • Zone 11 Pilot Study (Neighborhood Traffic Study Program) -
    Information for Zone 11 residents and organizations will be provided in this e-news as it relates to the Neighborhood Traffic Study Program.

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