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Mission and Ends Policies

To provide services that ensure a high quality of life for our residents and a dynamic environment for our business community through collaboration, innovation, and sound fiscal management.
City of Naperville Mission Statement

Ends Policies

In 2015, the Naperville City Council and City staff developed four ends policies to help guide the City's priorities in the coming years.

Ends policies are a way for the City of Naperville to answer the question of what it should ultimately achieve. These policies were written to identify the City's intent, examine why the City exists and direct where the City is headed. Ends policies focus on bigger-picture outcomes, and "means" are developed to reach the outcomes of the ends policies.

Approved by the City Council in May 2016, Naperville's ends policies are:

  • Public Safety - Naperville will deliver highly responsive emergency services to provide for a safe community.
  • High Performing Government - Naperville will provide reliable, efficient, and high-quality services.
  • Economic Development - Naperville will be the location of choice for businesses.
  • Financial Stability - Naperville will be financially stable and maintain a AAA bond rating.

City staff continue to develop means for these ends statements and will be presenting them to Council later in 2016.