Police Units and Divisions

Bicycle Patrol Unit
The Bicycle Patrol Unit is able to field a number of officers trained and equipped for bicycle patrol on specialized bikes with Police markings and equipment.
Communications Section
The Naperville Police Department maintains a formally organized communications component within the Support Services Division called the Communications Section.
Community Education
The Community Education/Crime Prevention Unit of the Naperville Police Department recognizes your most important defense against crime is awareness through education.
Community Radio Watch
The Naperville Community Radio Watch is composed of volunteer citizens who supplement the police force as observers of suspicious or criminal activity. These members receive specialized training from police department personnel and act as additional eyes and ears for the Naperville Police Department.
Domestic Violence Team
Our goal is to intervene swiftly, sensitively and effectively to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of family violence.
Honor Guard Unit
The Naperville Police Department has a unit comprised of sworn officers who are trained in the practice of military style drill and ceremonies.
Internal Affairs Unit
This unit is responsible for the investigation of complaints, documentation of commendations or awards, coordination of applicant background investigations, and release of information to the media.
Investigations Division
The Investigations Division of the Naperville Police Department is staffed by 41 sworn and 18 civilian employees.
K9 Unit
The Police Department maintains two dog teams that consist of a handler and German Shepherd.
Patrol Division
The goal of the Patrol Division is to address community problems and assure a safe community environment through directed and routine patrol.
Records Section
The Records Section is responsible for the management and coordination of police records which include processing all reports, citations and warrants.
School Resource Unit
The School Resource Unit consists of police officers that serve in the middle schools and the high schools.
Social Services
The Social Services Unit is staffed by two full-time Police Social Worker/Counselors who provide a variety of services to the department and community.
Support Services Division
The Naperville Police Department's Support Services Division has a number of units that provide the necessary support for police services.
Traffic Section
The Traffic Section is commanded by Police Commander Gregg Waitkus, who has administrative responsibilities for the Traffic Enforcement and Traffic Crash Investigations Unit, Parking Enforcement, Vehicle Reclamation and Special Events Units of the Naperville Police Department.
Water Rescue Team
The Naperville Police Department maintains an organized dive team called the Underwater Recovery Team (URT).