Key City Staff Members  

City Manager's Office

Key City Staff - Doug Krieger
City Manager
Doug A. Krieger 
(630) 420-6044

Key City Staff - Marcie Schatz
Deputy City Manager
Marcie Schatz
(630) 420-6030

Key City Staff - Pam LaFeber
City Clerk and
Information Technology 
Pam LaFeber 
(630) 420-6047

Key City Staff - Nancy Bright
Deputy City Clerk 
Nancy Bright 
(630) 420-6048

Key City Staff - Linda LaCloche
Communications Manager
Linda LaCloche
(630) 420-6034



Key City Staff - Rachel Mayer
Finance Director
Rachel Mayer
(630) 420-6052

Key City Staff - Michael Bevis
Chief Procurement Officer
Michael Bevis 
(630) 548-1406

Key City Staff - Lynn Lockwood
Budget & Financial
Reporting Manager
Lynn Lockwood
(630) 420-6055


Fire and Police Departments

Key City Staff - Mark Puknaitis
Fire Chief
Mark Puknaitis 
(630) 420-6140

Key City Staff - Bob Marshall
Police Chief
Robert W. Marshall 
(630) 420-6161

Key City Staff - Dan Nelson
Emergency Management Coordinator
Dan Nelson 
(630) 420-6009


Legal, Human Resources and Risk Management Department

Key City Staff - Photo Not Available
Director of Human Resources

Key City Staff - Jill Pelka-Wilger
Acting City Attorney
Jill Pelka-Wilger
(630) 305-3750

Key City Staff - Don Phillips
City Safety Coordinator
Don Phillips 
(630) 420-6696


Department of Public Utilities

Key City Staff - Jim Holzapfel
Public Utilities Director - Water
Jim Holzapfel 
(630) 305-5320

Key City Staff - Mark Curran
Public Utilities Director - Electric
Mark Curran 
(630) 420-6131


Department of Public Works

Key City Staff - Dick Dublinski
Public Works Director
Dick Dublinski
(630) 420-6752


Transportation, Engineering and Development (TED)
Business Group

Key City Staff - Bill Novack
Director of TED
Bill Novack 
(630) 420-6704

Key City Staff - Photo Not Available
Planning and Transportation
Team Leader

Key City Staff - John Rutkowski
Development Services
Team Leader
John Rutkowski 
(630) 420-4174