2014 Street Resurfacing Program 
Updated May 20, 2014

Naper Boulevard Resurfacing Begins May 27

The City of Naperville informs residents and motorists that resurfacing on Naper Boulevard from Gartner Road to Chicago Avenue is expected to begin Tuesday, May 27. The resurfacing work will cause traffic to be reduced to one lane in each direction under the operation of flaggers at intermittent times during the course of the project which is slated for completion in mid-August.

The City will take necessary steps to minimize any inconvenience to area residents, businesses and motorists. The road will remain open at all times; however, motorists are advised to seek an alternate route to avoid delays. The public is encouraged to utilize message boards displaying up-to-date information about the project that will be placed along Naper Boulevard.

The City of Naperville has secured $810,000 in Local Agency Functional Overlay (LAFO) funds from the federal government through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to finance 70 percent of the project. The City will cover the remaining $348,000 needed to complete the work.

2014 Resurfacing Program

Resurfacing work for the 2014 Street Resurfacing Program began in May and is estimated to be complete in October 2014.

Click here to view the list of streets and subdivisions included in the 2014 program. Affected residents will receive construction notices one week prior to the work. Once work begins in a subdivision, it should be completed in approximately one and a half months. Please be advised that this time frame is tentative pending weather and unforeseen construction complications.

Visit the 2014 Interactive Construction Map to keep track of where work is being performed in the City of Naperville throughout the year. 

Project Background

Funded by state and local motor fuel tax funds, Naperville's Street Resurfacing Program is designed to provide the City with safe, drivable roadway surfaces. The City's annual Street Maintenance Improvement Program consists of three major categories:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Resurfacing
  • Reconstruction

Each year, the City evaluates its roadways and selects cost-effective maintenance treatments to enhance and extend the useful life of the pavement. When a pavement has deteriorated beyond the point of preventative maintenance and resurfacing, the pavement will be replaced.

Construction Process

The goal of this project is to resurface the road and repair failing concrete infrastructure in the public right-of-way. To accomplish this, deteriorated curb through some driveways and storm structures will be removed and replaced before the street is resurfaced.

A City inspector will evaluate the curbs to determine if it negatively affects the street surface. Those identified curbs will be marked with a set of arrows facing each other to indicate the section of the curb that is to be replaced at no cost to the homeowner. Please note that cracks in your curb do not necessarily indicate a need for replacement. Storm sewers will also be evaluated and replaced as part of the process.

City inspectors will also evaluate your sidewalk to see if it qualifies for the city's Sidewalk Replacement Program, which under city ordinance requires the city to assist property owners with the cost of sidewalk replacement. Through this cost-sharing initiative, the City is required to pay for 60 percent of the sidewalk replacement costs, while residents are responsible for the remaining 40 percent.

Deteriorated sidewalk squares in need of repair or replacement will be designated with a white "X" mark. One of the following conditions must exist for a sidewalk to be replaced using the city's Sidewalk Replacement Program:

  •  Sidewalk squares must be sunken or risen to a height difference of one inch or more between sections.
  •  Sidewalk squares must be broken or separated into three or more pieces.
  •  Sidewalk squares must have 50 percent or more of the surface deteriorated.

  Curb Marked for Replacement
Curb Marked for Replacement

  Sidewalk Marked for Replacement
Sidewalk Marked for Replacement

In the case of asphalt driveway aprons, the City of Naperville will repair the affected driveway aprons (see examples below). However, the city will not repair the driveway aprons with brick, stamped concrete, stones/gravels and other decorative materials. Since there is a higher replacement cost for brick and other decorative driveway aprons, the City Council voted to reimburse the homeowners for a portion of the repair costs. Brick driveways will have only the necessary bricks removed to complete the repairs. The bricks will then be stockpiled on the property. The property owner must then make arrangements to have them reset by a private brick driveway contractor. When driveway access is restricted, the overnight street parking restrictions in the area will be relaxed. During construction the roadway will be open to local traffic only.

Full length driveway patch from sidewalk replacement Full length driveway patch from sidewalk replacement

Partial driveway patch from sidewalk replacement
Partial driveway patch from sidewalk replacement

Partial driveway patch from curb and gutter replacement
Partial driveway patch from curb and gutter replacement

Please note that all decorative landscaping, sprinkler systems and buried electronic fence equipment must be located, and clearly marked by the homeowner throughout the construction period. Maintaining the markings and protection of these items is the responsibility of the homeowner. The City of Naperville will not be responsible for damage to unmarked systems.

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The City welcomes comments and input including special coordination concerns from affected parties. Questions and concerns regarding the City's Street Resurfacing Program can be directed to

A list of frequently asked questions and answers (PDF) is also available.

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