Payroll Budget Report
Open Meetings Act Compliance

Illinois Public Act 097-0609 (5 ILCS 120-7.3) effective Jan 1, 2012 requires that municipal employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund post employee compensation information. The information may be posted at the employer’s website or at the principal office of the employer. Information on employee total compensation packages equal to or exceeding $150,000 a year must be posted at least six days before approval and employees having total compensation packages that exceed $75,000 per year must be posted within six days of budget approval. At its discretion, in order to be fully transparent, the City of Naperville is posting the complete City payroll budget for Calendar Year 2016 on the City website. The budget reflects employees on the payroll and budgeted individual benefit packages based on participation for Calendar Year 2016. Union wage and benefit increases are included as per agreed contracts, general wage increase assumptions have been applied across all other employee groups.