Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) considers land use issues and performs additional duties related to consideration of zoning and sign variance requests. In addition, the commission maintains the City's Master Plan -- a blueprint of future growth needs. The nine-member commission forwards recommendations to the City Council on zoning, land use and subdivision requests. Members are appointed by the City Council to serve three-year staggered terms.

  • Kamala Martinez, Chair
  • Timothy Messer, Vice-Chair
  • Carrie Hansen, Secretary
  • Robert Williams
  • Sean Hastings
  • Peter Crawford
  • Krishna Bansal
  • Steve Peterson
  • Robert Hajek
  • Jayla Butler (Student Member)


Meeting Information

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets at 7 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of every month unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held in Council Chambers of the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St.

2016 Meeting Schedule:
January 6 January 20 February 3
February 17 March 2 March 16
April 6 April 20 May 4
May 18 June 1 June 15
July 6 July 20 August 3
August 17 September 7 September 21
October 5 October 19 November 2
November 16 December 7 December 21

For additional meeting information please call the Planning Services Team at (630) 420-6100, Ext. 8.

Agendas, Packets, Minutes and Videos

eAgenda LogoResidents may view the Planning and Zoning agendas, case information and correspondence prior to meetings by visiting the city's eAgenda Streaming Media System. Past meeting minutes and videos are also available using the city's eAgenda Streaming Media System.

For copies of agendas and minutes prior to 2010, please complete a FOIA request form.

Have a Sign or a Zoning Variance Request?

The following applications should be used to submit sign and zoning variance requests to the new PZC:

For more information, call (630) 420-6100, Ext. 5.

Planning or Zoning Questions?

  1. Check out Your Place on our website for general zoning information about your property such as setback, permitted and conditional uses and regulations pertaining to fences, decks, patios, garages, driveways, and more.
  2. If you still have questions, please email our Planning Services Team at with your contact information and a brief description of your inquiry.

All inquiries will be addressed between 2 - 3 business days.

Public Hearing Procedures

The public is afforded an opportunity to express their views on topics before the Planning and Zoning Commission and give evidence in support of those views. The Planning and Zoning Commission uses this input when making recommendations that are then forwarded to City Council for consideration.

 If You Wish to Provide Public Testimony

  • Sign in either before the hearing or upon completion of testimony.
  • Speakers will be called in order from the sign-up sheet and must speak from the podium.
  • Persons are required to state their name and interest in proceedings and are allowed to present exhibits to the Commission.
  • Testimony will be limited to the relevant facts of the case and facts in question can be directed to the Chairman for response.
  • The Commission may ask for the speaker’s qualifications on the topic to complete the record, and the petitioner and/or other members of the audience also have the right to call witnesses in support of their position.
  • All testimony will be recorded as part of the public record so it is not necessary to repeat previously stated testimony. 
  • Once all the names from the sign-up sheet have been called, an opportunity will be provided to those in the audience who wish to speak but did not sign in.
  • Spontaneous comments from the floor are not permitted and will not be considered in the public record.
  • Meetings are scheduled to end at 11 p.m. unless extended by a majority vote.
  • Any member of the public may also provide written testimony. Written documentation and correspondence should be submitted at least one week prior to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in order to facilitate timely transmission to the Commission.

Planning and Zoning Commission Discussion and Deliberation

After the public has had an opportunity to testify, the Planning and Zoning Commission will discuss the case and close the public hearing in order to vote on a recommendation, although the commission may also exercise its option to continue the hearing to a future meeting (typically the next scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meeting). The Planning and Zoning Commission's recommendation, together with a staff recommendation, records of the public hearing proceedings and any additional facts and findings, are forwarded to the City Council for review and action.

Notification Requirements

The City of Naperville Zoning Code requires the following notification for Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing cases that involve rezoning, a variance, a conditional use or a planned unit development (PUD):

  • All owners of record (as determined by the appropriate Township Assessors Office) of properties within 300 feet must be provided written notice;
  • A sign must be posted on the property which tells the date, time, and location of the hearing;
  • Notification of the public hearing must be published in the Naperville Sun at least 15 days prior to the public hearing.

Public hearings for amendments to the Municipal Code (including Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations) require publication in the Naperville Sun prior to the hearing.