Renewable Energy Program
Join Us and Keep the Program Growing  

Naperville’s Renewable Energy Program enables Department of Public Utilities-Electric (DPU-E) residential and business customers to make voluntarily monthly donations through their electric bills to support the City’s investment in renewable energy. For more information, visit the Energy Efficiency Grants page.

Naperville residents and businesses are collectively supporting the development of over 16,047,000 kWh of Illinois renewable electricity annually.

This is the equivalent of offsetting 14,427 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The carbon reduction is equivalent to:

  • Planting more than 3,000 acres of fir trees or
  • Removing 2,800 cars from the road

The Power to Make a Difference

NREP - Wind Farm TourThe Naperville Renewable Energy Program supports the development of renewable energy projects in Illinois. Joining the program is one of the easiest, most effective ways for Naperville residents to reduce their environmental impact.

The program provides Naperville residents and businesses the opportunity to support clean energy resources, such as solar and wind. 

More than 4,700 Naperville residential and business customers have already signed up for the Naperville Renewable Energy Program, making this one of the top renewable energy community programs in the United States.

One of the projects that supplies the program, the Providence Heights Wind Farm, is located near Princeton, IL which is just 90 minutes west of Naperville! The solar for the program comes from a partnership with the Illinois Solar Energy Association, providing an additional revenue stream to business and residential solar installations in the state, including three Naperville homes!

How it Works

Renewable energy is electricity generated from natural resources that will never be depleted and do not release any harmful pollution into the air.

Naperville's Renewable Energy Program is comprised of 99% wind and 1% solar generated entirely within the State of Illinois.

When you enroll, clean energy from renewable resources are added to the Illinois electric grid. The electrons generated by the renewable energy are delivered to the local electric grid, meaning less fossil fuels are used. The additional charge to participants comes from the higher production costs of generating renewable energy over using fossil fuels. These funds help build more renewable energy projects in Illinois. This program is cost-neutral to the City.


How to Participate

A small additional charge of $5.00 to your monthly electric bill covers the added expense of delivering 200 kilowatt hours of clean and renewable energy to the Illinois electric grid. The Naperville Renewable Energy Program allows customers to participate at various levels of support. City residents and businesses can choose the participation level that best fits their energy usage and their budget. The City of Naperville will continue to deliver your electricity and provide the same reliable utility service.

Pricing Options:

  • 200 kWh = $5 monthly
  • 400 kWh = $10 monthly
  • 600 kWh = $15 monthly
  • 800 kWh = $20 monthly
  • 1000 kWh = $25 monthly

All costs are in addition to your current electricity charges.

Additional levels of participation are available, and commercial customers may qualify for special pricing.

To sign up, either call the City of Naperville's Finance Department at (630) 420-6059 or download and print this sign-up form (PDF) and return either in person or via mail to:

City of Naperville
Finance Department
400 S. Eagle St.
Naperville, IL 60540

Participating Businesses and Organizations

  • Brighton Car Wash
  • Casey's Foods
  • City of Naperville
  • CVG design Group
  • Edward Hospital & Health Services
  • Kraft Naperville
  • M&M Orthopaedics
  • Naperville Electric Service Center
  • Naperville Park District
  • Naperville Running Company
  • St. Elizabeth Seton
  • St. Patrick's Residence
  • Steinbrecher Insurance Agency

Awards and Recognition


  • Illinois Environmental Heroes Awards


  • Partner for Clean Air Award
  • Green Building Council Environmental Award


  • Ranked 6th in the nation for Percentage of Customer Participation –  Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory


  • Environmental Hall of Fame
  • Ranked 6th in the nation for Percentage of Customer Participation –  Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory


  • Ranked 5th in the nation for Percentage of Customer Participation –  Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory


  • Ranked 6th in the nation for Percentage of Customer Participation –  Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory


  • Ranked 5th in the nation for Customer Participation Rate
    – Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory

More information about the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) rankings is available on the Department of Energy website.