Illinois Route 59 Expansion

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and their contractors have made steady progress on the Illinois Route 59 Expansion project since work began. This multi-year project will improve traffic flow and safety for the more than 50,000 vehicles utilizing it per day. The project is a state-led initiative set to be complete by Fall 2015.

To date the following progress has been made:

  • Installation of the permanent pavement along both sides of Route 59 and the intersecting roadways;
  • Construction of two new bridges at the Route 59/Interstate 88 interchange to form the Diverging Diamond Interchange and demolition of the existing bridge at the interchange;
  • Installation of the new pump station at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway viaduct and decommission of the old pump station;
  • Installation of new utilities and removal and/or relocation of utility conflicts; and
  • Installation of 22 retaining walls and some of the noise walls.

Project Overview

The expansion project includes reconstruction and widening of Route 59 from Ferry Road to Aurora Avenue/New York Street as well as improvements to the major intersections within that 3-mile corridor, including Diehl Road, North Aurora Road and Aurora Avenue/New York Street. In addition, an innovative diverging diamond configuration will be implemented at the Route 59 interchange with Interstate 88 that will enhance traffic flow on and off I-88. Construction is expected to be complete in the fall of 2015.


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For additional questions regarding Illinois Route 59, visit the FAQ page. 
Businesses with questions can visit the Business FAQ page.

The Route 59 Expansion Project is an initiative of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). For additional information and to contact IDOT, visit their project webpage

Project Background

Accommodating more than 50,000 vehicles per day, the Illinois Route 59 corridor through Naperville and Aurora has transformed into the economic backbone of the western suburbs due to its popularity as a key commercial destination.  As a result, motorists experience heavy traffic congestion 14 hours each day of the week, including weekends, with delays approaching 30 minutes at the worst periods. In addition, the area has experienced nearly 400 traffic accidents each year.

While the benefits of growth have been great, improvements to the roadway are needed to ensure safety and efficiency for the property and business owners and the tens of thousands of individuals that use Route 59 every day. Based upon analysis of current roadway conditions and public input obtained during the past 9 years, the following key improvements will be made south from Interstate 88 to Aurora Avenue:

  • Additional Through Lanes
    The roadway will be widened to accommodate three through lanes in each direction for the full length of the project.
  • Intersection Improvements
    Additional turn lanes and through lanes at key intersections will be added and existing turn lanes will be extended to accommodate longer traffic queues.
  • Realigned Roadway
    A section between Paxton Drive and Diehl Road will be realigned so that widening of the roadway will occur primarily on the east side of Route 59 to minimize the impact to residential properties to the west.
  • Improved Coordination of Traffic Signals
    Traffic signals will be reevaluated and retimed in conjunction with the new roadway improvements to improve the traffic flow and reduce delays.
  • Access Restrictions
    Access from many of the smaller side streets and driveways will be restricted or eliminated to reduce congestion and improve safety.
  • Improved Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
    Sidewalks will be installed along Route 59 wherever practical and a potential bicycle path along one side of the roadway is also being considered.
  • Improvements to the Interstate 88 Interchange
    An innovative diverging diamond configuration will be implemented on the Route 59 bridge over Interstate 88 that will enhance traffic flow on and off I-88. There are many safety benefits (PDF) to this unique interchange.

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Naperville's Role in the Project

While the Illinois Route 59 Expansion Project is a state-led initiative, the City of Naperville has been very involved in the project since its conception and is taking proactive approaches to keep residents, motorists and others informed about how the project will affect them. The City is working closely with IDOT and surrounding townships and cities affected by the project to ensure the City of Naperville is informed and the project is successful.

The City has an active Work Group assigned to monitor progress of the project, communicate with IDOT officials, and relay vital project information to the community. Because the project will span over a number of years, the City is already identifying opportunities to emphasize safety in adjacent neighborhoods along the corridor that can expect to see an increase in traffic as motorists search for alternative routes to Route 59. The City team has recently reviewed traffic control in various neighborhoods adjacent to Route 59 and identified opportunities to enhance the existing street signage and pavement markings to remind motorists to follow posted speed limits and obey traffic control.  The new temporary ’25 MPH’ pavement markings that were recently installed at various entrances to Brookdale and Kingspointe subdivisions are just one of the enhancements the City is implementing in preparation of the start of construction on Illinois Route 59.

Stay Informed

Have a question or wondering about the status of something related to the project? You can get the most updated information on the Illinois Route 59 Expansion Project in a variety of ways:

Additional questions and comments about the Route 59 Expansion Project can be addressed to IDOT's dedicated Route 59 Field Office by calling (630) 857-3588 during regular daytime business hours. For inquiries after hours that need immediate attention, the public is asked to call IDOT's Communications Center at (847) 705-4612 that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.