Special Events and Cultural Amenities Fund

The application period for funding year 2017 (May 2016-April 2017) SECA Fund applications is NOW CLOSED. The deadline for all applications was Friday, October 30, 2015.

SECA Fund Policy and Procedures

SECA fund applicants and recipients must be familiar with all policies and procedures related to the SECA Fund.

SECA Fund Application

The City is using GIFTS Online software for the 2016-17 application season. Access to the application can be found by clicking the links below. New users will be asked to create a login and password.

SECA Fund Financial Report

All SECA fund recipients are required to submit a Final Financial Report. All recipients, regardless of award allocation, must complete all sections of the report form.

 SECA Fund Reimbursement Requests

All SECA Fund recipients are required to submit the following reimbursement request form along with supporting invoices in order to begin the reimbursement process.