Senior Services and Resources 

Senior SoftballNaperville has a growing senior population, many of whom have lived in Naperville for most of their lives. Our seniors have been instrumental in developing the Naperville we live in today and add continuing value to our City. The most recent census places our senior population at approximately 13 percent of the total Naperville population, and that does not include “baby boomers”.

Naperville has also become a destination for people of retirement age. In 2013, Forbes named Naperville as one of the top 25 suburbs for retirement. In addition, Kiplinger, a publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice, named Naperville the best city for early retirement. The City strives to live up to its reputation as a great place for seniors, and in 2014, a Senior Task Force was created to help ensure seniors' needs within the community are being addressed. [Continue Reading...]

For further information, please feel free to call the Senior Help Desk at (630) 848-3613. The Help Desk is located in the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center, 305 W. Jackson Ave.


Latest News - May 16, 2016

The Naperville Senior Task Force is taking a summer break from the monthly "Our Voice" forums. Check back in August for more information about the forum series this fall. 

Care Options
Senior care options fall into several categories: home-based, community-based and facility-based
A wide variety of classes is offered by these resources
Elder Rights
Resources that assist with the safety needs of seniors as well as how to identify and report suspected instances of abuse, neglect and exploitation
Emergency Preparedness
Local resources to provide seniors with critical information in the event of an emergency
Information to assist seniors desiring to continue in or re-enter the job market
Financial Assistance and Taxes
Resources to assist seniors with emergency expenses and other costs, including property taxes and social security
Food Assistance
Programs to help ensure seniors’ basic nutritional needs are met
General Information for Seniors
General information on local, state and federal resources assisting seniors and family members caring for their loved ones
Health Benefits
Resources to assist with the cost of prescription medication, more information about health care benefits for seniors and organizations that can provide further references to local health programs
Household Maintenance Assistance
Programs to assist seniors with household maintenance, including exterior items such as sidewalks and weatherization
Resources for affordable housing as well as senior housing options in Naperville
Legal Assistance
Resources to assist with the legal needs of the elderly
Life Safety
Programs to help ensure seniors’ basic safety needs are adequately met
Organizations that provide recreation opportunities and programs targeted to seniors
Resources that provide public transportation programs and resources that assist seniors with the cost of transportation
Utility Assistance
Resources to assist seniors with their energy costs
Veterans Assistance
Organizations that provide information and assistance to veterans
Local organizations with volunteer opportunities for seniors, including those that use seniors’ rich life experiences in multi-generational programs