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IMEA Electric Efficiency Incentives Program (2016-2018)

The Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA) has awarded the City of Naperville a three-year grant to be used for energy improvements.

  • Year 1 (2016) - $333,600 will be available for our non-residential Electric Utility customers as incentives towards completing energy efficiency projects.
  • Year 2 (2017) - $333,600 would be available for customer grants for energy improvements.
  • Year 3 (2018) - Approximately $100,000 of the grant funds will be utilized for Naperville's LED streetlight replacement program. The remaining $233,600 would be available for customer grants for energy improvements.

The IMEA Electric Efficiency Program helps IMEA member cities like Naperville and their customers reduce their electric demand and consumption, thereby reducing wholesale power costs. This allows members to shift dollars for other needs and to enhance their economic climate by making utility costs more affordable for established and potential businesses.

Eligible Projects


Examples of projects that might qualify include installation of light-emitting diode (LED) street lights or exterior and interior lighting systems. Additional applications for other programs, such as refrigeration; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems; and efficient fans and motors will be available at a later date.

Application Criteria

The applicant must be a non-residential customer of Naperville's Electric Utility. Commercial, industrial, institutional, local government or non-government (schools, parks, museums, etc.) are all eligible to apply. 

How To Apply

Applicants submit their energy efficiency project proposals to the IMEA using one of the six IMEA application forms that best fits their proposed project. The lighting program forms are now available on the IMEA website with other program applications being made available at a later date.

Lighting Program Applications Now Available

Application Period

Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a first come, first evaluated basis until all funds are awarded. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Grant Award Amount

Projects may receive up to 50 percent of the total project cost (up to $25,000), and awarded funds must be matched dollar for dollar. It is anticipated that a total of 20 grants will be available during the 2016 grant cycle.

Required Inspections

After receiving notice to proceed, but prior to commencing work, the applicant must notify the City's Inspection Dispatch at (630) 420-6100, Opt.1 and schedule a pre-project inspection. Additional inspections may be required depending on the scope of work. After all work is completed, the applicant must notify the City and schedule a post-project inspection. Failure to schedule required inspections may cause the applicant to forfeit their grant money. 

Time of Funding

After the energy efficiency project is completed, the applicant will submit a final application for funding along with invoices, receipts and other documentation by email to Rod Whelpley, IMEA, at and Bernie Saban, City of Naperville, at The City will verify all work has been completed. The IMEA then reviews the final application materials and issues the project reimbursement to the recipient.

Department of Public Utilities - Electric

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