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Garbage Carts

Naperville residents within CityThree garbage cart sizes for comparison limits who receive curbside garbage collection from the City’s contractor, Waste Management, can purchase a wheeled residential garbage cart. The dark green carts are available in three sizes:

  • 35-gallon (holds approximately 2 tall kitchen garbage bags)
  • 68-gallon (holds approximately 4 bags)
  • 95-gallon (holds approximately 6 bags)

These durable, plastic wheeled carts cannot be used for recycling or yard waste. The garbage carts are designed to be lifted mechanically by garbage trucks and feature a permanently attached lid, a handle that allows for easy maneuvering and a 10-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. They are convenient and easy to store and use. 

Participation in the cart program is completely voluntary. These carts are being offered to Naperville residents because of their convenience and ease of use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use a regular garbage can that's bigger than 35 gallons?

Containers larger than 35 gallons that are filled above the 60-pound limit have caused injuries to Waste Management drivers. The City strongly encourages the use of the wheeled garbage carts for your safety as well as that of the refuse truck drivers.  Carts make it easy to store and move larger quantities of refuse, and they protect the refuse from animals once it is at the curb.

Why can't I purchase a cart from a home improvement store?

The carts sold by home improvement and hardware stores may not be compatible with the lifting devices on the Waste Management garbage trucks. That is why the City adopted an ordinance making the carts sold by the City the only ones that are allowed.

When will my garbage cart be delivered?

When the additional $10 delivery charge is paid with the order, every effort will be made to deliver each cart within 30 days, depending on Public Works' current workload. In most cases carts are delivered within 10 days of the order receipt. Residents may prefer to pick up a new cart at the Public Works Service Center if they need it sooner. There is no need to prepay online if picking up the cart.

Once you receive your cart, you can place your old, empty garbage cans at the curb on your regular garbage collection day with a note attached to the can stating it is garbage.

I live in unincorporated Naperville. Can I buy a cart?

No, these carts are only for Naperville residents serviced under the city's contract with Waste Management.

How Do I Purchase a Garbage Cart?  

Determine a cart size that fits your needs. Cart dimensions are shown on the order forms. You can order online or by mailing a downloadable form to the City of Naperville. You may choose to pick up your cart at the Public Works Service Center or have it delivered to your home for an additional $10 charge. (Please note that 68 and 95 gallon carts will only fit into minivans, SUVs or larger vehicles.)  

If purchasing online, please make sure to click the "Buy Cart Now" button if delivery is requested. Place both the garbage cart and $10 delivery charge in the shopping cart. Prepayment is not necessary if picking up the cart at the Public Works Service Center.

If it turns out your ordered the wrong size cart for your needs, please contact the Department of Public Works at (630) 420-6095 within 30 days of receiving your cart. A charge associated with cart exchanges may apply.

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