Raymond Drive Sanitary Sewer Project

Naperville's Water Utility has contracted with Insituform Technologies USA to rehabilitate approximately 2,921 linear feet of 36” diameter sanitary sewer interceptor pipe and nine manholes located on Raymond Drive. 

Insituform will install cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), which is accomplished by inserting a resin-saturated fabric tube into the existing sewer main. The resin is then cured with hot water to form a monolithic structural grade liner that is expected to last 50 to 100 years. This method of rehabilitation was chosen because it avoids excavation of the pipeline, which would be very expensive and would damage the existing landscape and cause major traffic disruptions.

No major excavation is planned. Minor digging will be required to remove manhole frames where necessary to provide access for bypass pumping, and equipment will be staged in the parkway areas. A directional drilling rig will be positioned at the intersection of Brookdale Road and Raymond Drive, where a bypass pumping pipeline will be pushed under the roadway. (This is done in order to avoid laying hoses across Raymond Drive.)


This project will line the sanitary sewer main on the west side of Raymond Drive from Queensgreen Circle to Brookdale Road, continuing south along River Road to Ogden Avenue.


Construction is set to begin the first week of August 2016 and last through the end of October, pending weather or unforeseen circumstances.

The work sequence will consist of setting up bypass pumping, cleaning and video-inspecting the sewer main, installation of the liner. Manhole rehabilitation will be done while the bypass pumping setup is in place, after which all equipment will be removed and the area will be cleaned of any debris.


Due to the nature of the work, lane closures along Raymond Drive and River Road will be in effect throughout the project. The southbound curb lane of Raymond Drive will be closed to traffic from just north of Queensgreen Circle to the intersection of Brookdale Drive/River Road. The southbound curb lane of River Road will be closed from River Road’s intersection with Raymond Drive south to just before Millennium Lane. Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout construction. Motorists should use caution in this area and find alternate routes as necessary.

Road ramps will be installed so that drivers may safely cross the bypass pumping lines at street intersections and driveways in the work zone, including the main entrance to the Arbors of Brookdale.


No impact on parking is anticipated since on-street parking is not allowed on Raymond Drive or River Road. 

Utility Service

No interruptions in water or sewer service are anticipated.


There may be minor damage to lawns and parkways. Affected landscapes will be professionally restored at the end of the project. 

Department of Public Utilities-Water