Land Survey Monuments

Survey Benchmark Locator ApplicationA land survey is a map prepared by a Professional Land Surveyor that indicates the exact dimensions and locations of land boundaries, property corners and easements. Many land surveys also highlight natural and man-made topographic features, such as buildings, roads, fences, trees, streams, contours of the land, etc.

Engineers and architects use land surveys when planning major construction projects. Property owners are advised to obtain a land survey from a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed by the State of Illinois, prior to pursuing any of the following:

  • Purchasing real estate property,
  • Dividing any parcel of land for sale, and
  • Planning and construction of any building or improvement.

A survey control point is an exact reference point on a land survey. These reference points are also commonly referred to as survey monuments. Created and verified by government agencies, monuments establish the vertical and horizontal measurement of a location. Land Surveyors, engineers and architects use survey monuments to accurately compare adjoining properties in planning and construction of public and private improvements.

Open Land Survey Monument Locator

Locate a Survey Monument

The City of Naperville uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to identify area land survey monuments. The city developed the Survey Monument Locator Application to allow members of the development community to obtain detailed monument information online. Using this application, users may:

  • Find the nearest survey monument to an address,
  • Confirm monument availability, and
  • Obtain a detailed monument report.

The Survey Monument Locator Application contains a large amount of data and may take several minutes to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection. The application loads in a standard web browser.

Report a Damaged Monument

The City of Naperville relies on the surveying community to help keep our monument information current. Please submit an online report, when you are unable to locate a monument at the given location or when a monument is damaged or otherwise unusable.

Land Survey Resources

The following organizations also provide monument information for this area:

  • DuPage County
    Monument information available online.
  • Will County
    Monument information available only in printed form. For pricing and availability, call (815) 774-3321.
  • National Geodetic Survey
    Federal Government monument information available online.