The City of Naperville would like utility customers to be advised that we have received inquiries from customers as to why the City is calling to request payment if their utility account is current. Customers are reporting that the caller says they are with the “electric company” and are demanding money to avoid service disconnection.

The City of Naperville is not currently making any phone calls regarding past-due electric bills. When these types of calls are made, customers are informed that the caller is from the City of Naperville. In addition, City of Naperville should appear on a caller ID screen along with a (630) 420-6059 telephone number.

Prior to making any payment on your account, you are welcome to call the City at (630) 420-6059 and speak with an Account Representative or Supervisor to verify payment is due.

Cable Television Providers
Cable television is available through a number of providers in the City of Naperville.
Downtown Wi-Fi Network
The City of Naperville has reactivated the WiFi network that was launched as a pilot program in the downtown area.
Electricity, Water and Wastewater Service
Naperville's Department of Public Utilities provides electricity, water and wastewater service. This page includes information on connection procedures and rates.
Gas Utility
Residential and commercial gas utility in Naperville is provided by Nicor Gas.
Before you plant trees or shrubs, erect a fence, or undertake any construction work, state law requires anyone digging to call JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) for cable locations.
Sanitary Sewer Back-ups
Residents should notify the city, before calling a plumber, anytime they experience a sanitary sewer back up.