Water Meter Replacement Program
Updated February 9, 2012

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Water Meter Replacement Notification
About the Water Meter Replacement Program 

Water Meter Replacement Notification

Department of Public Utilities-Water (DPU-W) customers will receive notice in the mail regarding the city’s water meter change-out program. Utility customers who receive a letter will be asked to contact the city’s contractor, Expert Plumbing, to schedule an appointment for the water meter replacement. Receipt of a letter is based on the age of a customer’s water meter.

The systematic replacement of older water meters ensures accurate billings to all water customer accounts and enables the utility to comply with DuPage Water Commission and State of Illinois accountability standards. There is no cost to the homeowner for the water meter replacement. Water meters must be accessible for the contractor, and installation will take less than an hour. Expert Plumbing employees will have a city identification card as well as magnetic placard signs on their vehicles stating they are contractors working with the city. Customers should be aware Expert Plumbing is not allowed to perform inspections or evaluations of internal plumbing or otherwise solicit future plumbing work.

About Water Meter Replacement 

Water meter replacement work is performed in various locations throughout the city. You will receive a letter similar to this one when we are replacing the water meters in your area.

To provide fair and accurate metering for all water users, The Department of Public Utilities - Water maintains a periodic replacement schedule for all water meters. Our records indicate that your water meter is due for replacement.

The city has contracted with Expert Plumbing to supplement our in-house water meter replacement staff. Expert Plumbing will adhere to the same high standards as our own employees, providing courteous and professional service. Their employees will arrive on time, and will carry photo ID cards. Their vehicles will carry a magnetic sign indicating that they are an authorized contractor for the city.

You will be asked to call the contractor to schedule an appointment or they will call in advance to ask you to schedule the appointment.  The water meter replacement will take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. Your water meter is located inside of your home, most likely in the basement, utility room or crawl space. Please make sure that your water meter is accessible. We ask that you move any furniture, stored materials or other items that would interfere with the scheduled work. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

The contractor and its employees, in the course of performing water meter replacements will not perform any work that is not related to replacing your water meter. They will not perform inspections or evaluations of internal plumbing, or otherwise solicit future plumbing work from the Utility Customers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program (not to schedule appointments), please contact the Department of Public Utilities - Water at (630) 420-6137 between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.