2019 Holiday Lighting Program

The planning process for the 2019 winter season is currently underway. As part of this process, the City is working with the holiday lighting contractor to test several holiday lighting options in the downtown area. The contractor has installed three different test lighting options for the City to evaluate for the 2019 holiday season. While the tree lighting is just one component of the City’s overall holiday lighting program, it provides a warm and welcoming feel to the downtown during the winter months.

Location and Timeline

The three test trees are located on Van Buren Ave. between Webster and Main streets in front of the Main Street Promendade. The test trees will be illuminated for viewing until Wednesday, June 12.

Lighting Options

OPTION 1: Canopy Wrap

OPTION 2: Spritzers

OPTION 3: Branch Wrap

Decision Factors

The final decision on which tree lighting will be installed will be based on several factors including installation requirements, budget and overall ambiance created