Body-Worn Cameras

The Naperville Police Department employs the use of body-worn cameras to capture and record video and audio of police incidents and encounters with the public. Use of these cameras to document interactions with the public provides valuable evidence in criminal investigations and prosecution. It also fosters trust and transparency with the community. Body-worn cameras were deployed in Naperville in 2022 to complement the department’s in-car camera program that began in 2014.

Body cameras are worn by all sworn Naperville Police officers and supervisors. Their use is governed by department policy and state law, as discussed below.

While NPD believes that the use of these cameras significantly benefits both the community and its officers, no technology is a perfect solution for all situations. Body-worn cameras have limitations in that they may not capture all of what an officer sees or hears or what an officer senses or experiences. Therefore, body-worn cameras do not provide the totality of the circumstances that drives an officer’s response to a particular situation. The Naperville Police Department uses body-worn camera footage in combination with other existing tools, like in-car cameras and formal incident reports to ensure the totality of each incident is documented.


The State of Illinois’ Law Enforcement Officer-Worn Body Camera Act dictates most of the requirements included in the Naperville Police Department's body-worn camera policy.

Pursuant to State law, body-worn cameras must be turned on whenever an on-duty, uniformed officer is responding to calls for service or engaged in any law-enforcement related encounter or activity. Certain exceptions do apply and can be found in the public act linked above.

State law also dictates when an officer must stop recording, such as when asked to do so by a victim, witness or someone wishing to report a crime. Again, certain exceptions apply and can be found in the public act linked above.

It is also important to note that if when an officer is lawfully present in any location conducting official duties, he/she can also capture video. This includes private property.

More detailed information about the use of body-worn cameras can be found in the state law, NPD policy or our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Questions, comments or concerns about the Naperville Police Department’s body-worn camera program should be directed to the Naperville Police Department’s Public Information Officer at