Executive Orders

On March 17, 2020, Mayor Steve Chirico declared a local state of emergency in the City of Naperville as the community responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Naperville City Council has subsequently passed ordinances extending the declaration through the length of the statewide declaration of emergency.

Once a local state of emergency has been declared, the Mayor is authorized, through executive order, to relax City ordinances to deal with emerging issues resulting from the crisis and to help provide financial relief to residents and businesses affected by the crisis.

Active executive orders issued by Mayor Chirico under the current declaration of local emergency are posted here. Expired executive orders have been removed.

Executive Order 2020-03

This executive order allows current holders of certain liquor licenses to engage in packaged sale of beer and wine in an effort to financially assist local restaurants, which have been significantly impacted by the statewide shut-down of dine-in restaurant operations. Read the order.

This executive order was amended, to the extent permitted under state law, to allow certain liquor licensees to also engage in the sale of packaged spirits (in addition to the sale of beer and wine). Read the amended order.

This executive order was amended, to the extent permitted under state law, to additionally allow for the sale of cocktails or mixed-drinks for off-premises consumption. Read the amended order.

This executive order was amended to allow additional liquor licensees the ability to engage in the sale of packaged beer, wine and spirits. Read the amended order.

Executive Order 2020-06

This executive order immediately extends the deadlines for a number of payments to the City, waives late fees for non-payment of utility bills through March, April, and May 2020 and suspends service disconnections for non-payment. City officials hope these changes will provide residents and businesses some help with cash flow during the coming months. Read the order.

Certain sections of this order are impacted by Executive Order 2020-13. Read that order below.

Executive Order 2020-09

This executive order attempts to ease hardships on businesses that have had to modify their operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak by limiting on-street parking on several streets in the Central Business District to 30 minutes. This order aims to increase businesses' ability to more efficiently fulfill curbside pick-up orders while still accommodating longer-term parking in downtown parking lots and garages. Read the order.

Executive Order 2020-10

The City of Naperville has loosened outdoor seating regulations to help restaurants and bars reopen for outdoor dining as allowed in Phase 3 of the Governor's Restore Illinois plan. This executive order outlines the process through which establishments can open, create or expand outdoor seating, including the use of public sidewalks and the public way. Read the order.

Executive Order 2020-11

This order addresses statewide changes to the Illinois Open Meetings Act (OMA), signed into law by the Governor on June 12, 2020, that permit public bodies to conduct public meetings remotely by audio or video conference without a physical quorum present throughout the course of a disaster. The order states that due to COVID-19, it is not practical for the Naperville City Council or City boards and commissions to meet in person and that all remote meetings will be conducted in compliance with OMA remote meeting requirements now in effect. Read the order.

Executive Order 2020-13

This executive order terminates several previously-issued orders, including the orders that extended the city's liquor license and tobacco license renewal processes; relaxed standards for allowable noise to allow for overnight deliveries; placed a moratorium on violations for time-limited and commuter lot parking violations; and suspended utility service disconnections for non-payment. Read the order.

Executive Order 2021-01

This executive order terminates the moratorium on the City's overnight parking ordinance that was granted near the onset of the pandemic. Enforcement of overnight parking rules will begin again on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. Read the order.