Outdoor Seating

The City of Naperville has relaxed outdoor seating regulations in an attempt to help Naperville bars and restaurants reopen for outdoor dining as allowed in Phase 3 of the Governor's Restore Illinois plan.

Through an executive order signed on May 28, 2020, the City amended its Municipal Code to allow for outdoor seating without a permit and published detailed guidelines for bars and restaurants that want to expand or temporarily add outdoor seating areas.

As outlined in the documents below, a permit is required if a bar or restaurant’s temporary outdoor seating area will include liquor service or use public property. A permit is also required to install or modify any existing outdoor seating area to install a tent larger than 700 sf, to fully or partially enclose a tent, or to install heating units in a tent.

At least 50% of the perimeter of a tent must remain open to the elements to comply with outdoor seating requirements.

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