Special Census 2018

Special Census Update

(4/17/2018) Field work for the 2018 partial special census has concluded. The City of Naperville anticipates receiving an updated population estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau this summer. Thank you for your participation.

The City of Naperville, in conjunction with the U.S. Census Bureau, is conducting a partial special census beginning on February 23, 2018 to certify an increase in the city's population in select areas where significant population growth is believed to have occurred since the last full census in 2010. A certified increase in Naperville's population will mean increased revenue to the city since State of Illinois income tax, local use tax and motor fuel tax are based on a per capita distribution. Your support is essential for a successful special census!

Make Sure You’re Counted

The Naperville's 2018 special census is a partial special census, meaning it includes counting only portions of the City of Naperville, particularly those areas that have seen a lot of new development since the last decennial census in 2010. To find out if your home is within the partial special census area, check out this PDF or go to our interactive map.

Should I expect a special census visit?

Use this interactive map to determine if your house falls within Naperville's 2018 partial special census area.

Take me to the map

Use the map in one of two ways:

  • Click “I Want To” followed by “Display Special Census Layer”
    - OR -
  • Type in your address, click “Find” followed by “View All Property Details”. Then, look for the “Special Census” field … a “Y” indicates that your house is included in the partial special census while an “N” indicates that your house is not included in the partial special census.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a partial special census?
Every 10 years a regular census (or decennial census) is conducted to officially document the population. In between regular censuses, local governments that have seen significant population growth in their community can elect to conduct a special census in order to update their certified population count. What makes a special census partial is that it is not a count of the entire jurisdiction, but only selected areas.

Why is it important I participate in the special census?
It is beneficial for the City to have detailed population information. Not only is up-to-date and accurate population data helpful in the City’s decision-making processes, but it also is important to ensure the City is receiving appropriate state revenues. The City receives a portion of the state income tax, use tax, and motor fuel tax based on our population. Additional funding (projected to be about $1.6 million over a period of two years) will help the City to continue to provide essential services and improve the quality of life for residents.

How can I help?
If you live within the special census area make sure you participate and encourage your neighbors to participate, as well. The census questions take only a few minutes to answer.

When will special census workers be in my neighborhood?
Residents within the special census area can expect to see special census enumerators around City neighborhoods beginning February 23, 2018 and continuing into early April 2018. Enumerators will be conducting interviews daily from approximately 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., including weekends.

How will I know the person at my door is a special census enumerator?
Census Enumerator PhotoEnumerators will be wearing a government-issued photo identification badge with a green background. They will also carry U.S. Census Bureau bags. If at any point you are uncertain about the validity of the Special Census worker, please call the Naperville Special Census office at 630-305-4479

What will the special census enumerator ask me?
Enumerators will ask a series of brief questions regarding basic facts about your household including names, ages, genders, race and a few basic questions about the housing structure.  The interview will only take a few minutes.

Is my information kept confidential?
Yes. Every special census worker takes an oath to protect your information, and is required by Federal law to do so. Census workers are subject to a jail term, a fine, or both if they disclose any information that could identify you or your household. No one outside the U.S. Census Bureau has access to the information you provide. Additionally, the information is only used for statistical purposes.

Why can't this be done online instead of door-to-door?
One of many functions of the special census is to update statistical data for a rapidly growing/changing community. In order to efficiently capture the most up-to-date information possible, enumerators are required to visually verify the status of housing units within their assigned areas and conduct interviews while in the field.

Will census takers will leave a form for residents to fill out if they’re not home when the census taker stops by?
If there is no answer when a census taker knocks on the door, they will leave a Notice of Visit. This form will contain the phone number to the Special Census Office. When the resident calls the number, the office clerks will conduct the interview by phone.

I have more questions about the special census. Who can I call?
If you have other questions about the Naperville special census, please call the special census office at (630) 305-4479.