Special Census 2018

The City of Naperville, in conjunction with the U.S. Census Bureau, is conducting a partial special census beginning in early 2018 to certify an increase in the city's population in select areas where significant population growth is believed to have occurred since the last full census in 2010. A certified increase in Naperville's population will mean increased revenue to the city since State of Illinois income tax, local use tax and motor fuel tax are based on a per capita distribution. Your support is essential for a successful special census!

Make Sure You’re Counted

The Naperville's 2018 special census is a partial special census, meaning it includes counting only portions of the City of Naperville, particularly those areas that have seen a lot of new development since the last decennial census in 2010. To find out if your home is within the partial special census area check the 2018 Special Census Map (coming soon).

Residents in select neighborhoods can expect to see enumerators beginning in March 2018.