2017 Downtown Parking Summit


The 2017 Downtown Parking Summit was suggested by the Downtown Advisory Commission as a proactive gathering of groups with a stake in downtown parking to discuss if current spaces are being utilized to the fullest extent. The 2015 Continuous Improvement Model for Downtown Parking (CIM), the City’s bi-annual survey that evaluates current parking trends to provide data for future policy decisions, also listed a parking summit as one of its future action items. The summit discussion is not meant to focus on parking decks and any future actions regarding these structures, but rather takes a holistic approach to all available downtown parking spaces.

What is it?

The Downtown Parking Summit was planned through a collaborative effort between City staff and representatives from the Downtown Advisory Commission, Downtown Naperville Alliance and the Naperville Development Partnership. The summit consists of a series of four stakeholder meetings, which began the week of January 23, 2017, and culminated with a public open house on February 16.

February Open House

Open house attendees had the opportunity to visit several stations that align with eight current downtown parking principles to participate in exercises related to each principle.

If you could not attend the open house, please send written comments on the principles and/or downtown parking by Friday, February 24 to:

Jennifer Louden
Deputy Director, TED

City staff and the initial planning group will be gathering in the near future to review the feedback received through the summit. The feedback may be used to develop modifications for the upcoming 2017 CIM and recommendations for opportunities to improve utilization of the existing downtown parking supply.