About the Project

After much planning, a new look, with major benefits is coming to Downtown Naperville. The project, known as The Downtown Dig will rebuild sections of Webster, Jefferson, Main, and Jackson.

The goal of this project is to improve the streetscape within the project’s boundaries. With local and national favorite shops and restaurants, Downtown Naperville is like no other. By improving the streetscape, we improve an already lasting impression for our residents and visitors to continue making Downtown Naperville the premiere shopping destination in Chicagoland.

The Benefits

Streetscape improvements include wider sidewalks and more pedestrian space. Additional amenity areas will provide additional room for business owners to create outdoor environments to support their business. Trees and plantings will provide an overall increase of natural components to the downtown and street furniture and lighting components will be replaced with new materials. These updates will greatly improve the visitor experience of the downtown.

The new fiber optic and improvements to the electric services will allow for future communications, security, and vendor components to be supported in the downtown area. This includes potential for 5G installation.

Water improvements will secure safe and reliable delivery of water to the downtown area, with the additional benefit of increased water pressure and enhanced fire protection.

Storm sewer improvements include new inlet structures to provide better overall drainage. New grading will ensure areas which are poorly drained will be corrected to provide quicker and more complete removal of the water.

Road pavements will be reconstructed full-depth, providing decades of improved road condition. All curb and gutter will be reconstructed within the project limits, providing a clean aesthetic and improving drainage.

The Impacts

Vehicular Traffic

Northbound and Southbound Main Street and its associated on-street parking between Jackson and Jefferson will be closed to all vehicle access during various phases of the project.

Eastbound Jefferson Avenue and its associated on-street parking between Webster and Main will be closed to all vehicle access during various phases.

Westbound Jefferson and on-street parking on the north side will have intermittent impacts and closures dependent on the work being performed. A detour plan will be established to alert vehicles of the upcoming road closures.

Pedestrian Access

  • Pedestrian access will be maintained to all businesses fronting this work zone during normal business hours with only occasional impacts.
  • Throughout the project, pedestrians in the downtown area should be able to fully traverse the work zones without detour.
  • Pedestrian movement will be maintained on the sidewalks during road reconstruction and within the closed portion of the road during streetscape improvements.Temporary walk ways will need to be constructed to allow for access to the businesses from the street.

Commercial Entrances

It is a main objective of this project to maintain pedestrian access to all businesses fronting this work zone during normal business hours, however temporary disruptions should be expected.

Utility repairs and staging or movement of the temporary walk-ways may result in the front doors of businesses to be inaccessible for a period of time.

The contractor will be responsible for coordinating these impacts with the adjacent business.