Entrance Sign Survey

The City has identified and beautified specific entrances into Naperville and its downtown for several years by upgrading lighting, signage, landscaping, and other aesthetics, including banners and fencing. Before moving forward with future efforts, the City wants the community's feedback on what's been done.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey questions below. Honest, constructive feedback will help staff understand the community's perception of these improvements. The survey will close on Aug. 16.

What did we use as inspiration for the current signs and landscaping?

Naperville's logo and color palette were used as the starting point for beautification efforts. The logo's different parts symbolize what makes Naperville unique, most notably at the time of its creation 50 years ago: trees, parks, and green spaces; housing and industry; and water features like the DuPage River. These concepts were used to create signage and enhance landscaping.

Take the Survey

SURVEY TIP: To rank the items on a mobile device, tap and hold the three barshamburger menu iconassociated with the item you want to move. Holding the bars, drag the item up or down to its desired position in the list and release the item when it is in the correct position.