5th Avenue Concepts

The concept creation portion of the 5th Avenue Project began in mid-July 2018. Concept creation involves taking all the information and data gathered during the community engagement phase of the project and developing concepts for what development along 5th Avenue would look like. The concept principles developed by the working groups and Steering Committee will help guide those concept drawings. 

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Concept creation will ultimately involve three phases over the coming months – creation, baseline concept creation, and finalization – with community input every step of the way. 

Concept Creation - Phase I

Concept creation involves:

  • Development of multiple concepts, land uses and conceptual architecture.
  • Public space elements (green space), parking distribution, and infrastructure improvements are drafted.
  • Preliminary, high-level cost models are constructed.

The community, Steering Committee and City Council weigh in on these initial multiple concepts and provide feedback.

View 5th Avenue Concepts Presentation - August 22, 2018

View Video of 5th Avenue Concepts Meeting - August 22, 2018

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Baseline Concept Creation - Phase II

Baseline concept creation involves:

  • Ryan bringing forth one working concept using feedback from the creation phase. This includes conceptual building sizes, building elevations and renderings, public space elements, parking structure floor plans, and infrastructure improvements.
  • Cost models are further refined.

The community, Steering Committee and City Council weigh in on the working concept and provide feedback. 

5th Avenue Revised Baseline Concept

The revised baseline concept was presented and discussed at the Feb. 15, 2020 Steering Committee meeting.

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5th Avenue Baseline Concept

The baseline concept was first presented at a public meeting on Sept. 19, 2019.

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View video of the Sept. 19, 2019 baseline concept public meeting

Concept Finalization - Phase III

Concept finalization involves:

  • Ryan bringing forth a final master concept.
  • The development program, design concepts, public space elements, parking distribution, and infrastructure improvements are defined.
  • A final cost model is defined. 

The community, City Advocate and City Council weigh in on the final master concept and decide on concept approval.