5th Avenue Working Groups

As part of the community engagement process for the 5th Avenue Project, working groups were assembled. These groups were tasked with completing a more in-depth analysis of topics raised by the community during input sessions in fall 2017. Working groups include community representatives, potentially a City Council member, and City staff and Ryan Companies representatives.

Activities of the working groups include:

  • Defining and reviewing existing conditions;
  • Engaging with technical consultants and professionals and reviewing and questioning technical studies and analysis;
  • Inviting and considering community feedback on the particular working group topic;
  • Identifying and collaborating on potential solutions; and
  • Considering the work of other working groups and potential tradeoffs between the findings and recommendations of each group.

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June 4 Combined Working Groups Meeting

The six 5th Avenue working groups held a combined meeting on June 4 to discuss each group's findings in their area of expertise.

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Addition of DCM Working Group

In fall 2018, an additional working group was created to discuss the future of the DuPage Children's Museum at its current site in relation to the 5th Avenue Project. At its Tuesday, November 20 meeting, the City Council will receive the report from the DuPage Children’s Museum Working Group and be asked to establish a consensus direction for inclusion of this working group in future concept planning efforts. 

Working Group Summaries

Land Use

Focuses on intended uses for the 5th Avenue development that are financially feasible and address the ideas/concerns provided by the community during the group input sessions.

Community representatives: Rocky Caylor, Katie Davis, Jeff Havel, Phillip Meno, Scott Parrill 

View the Land Use Group Action Plan

Storm Water

Focuses on completing an analysis and engineering concept intent on addressing two main criteria:

  1. Compliance with City and county storm water ordinances for new development
  2. Identify options and solutions to positively impact / correct existing storm water issues within the identified area.

Community representatives: Russ Alber, Christopher Drew, Dominic Nugent, Greg Scalia

View the Storm Water Group Action Plan

Pedestrian Safety/Connectivity

Focuses on potential infrastructure improvements for the 5th Avenue development that are financially feasible and address the ideas/concerns provided by the community during the group input sessions.

Community representatives: Patty King, Mary Mansfield, Steve Purduski, Mary Lou Wehrli

View the Pedestrian Safety/Connectivity Group Action Plan


Focuses on potential infrastructure solutions for the 5th Avenue development area that are financially feasible and functionally improve the multi-modal operations of the area.

Community representative: David Gosse, Patrick Pechnick, Gary Smith, Charlie Wilkins

View the Traffic/Transportation Group Action Plan


Focuses on potential parking improvements, addressing the current commuter parking and the project’s proposed parking needs.

Community representatives: Elizabeth Kelly, Christopher Kruehner, Michael Marek, Andrew Wallace

View the Parking Group Action Plan


This group will focus on establishing a design narrative that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and in line with the expectations of the city and community.

Community representatives: Lauren Collander, Alyssa E. Faczek, Tim King, Cindi Swanson

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