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Progress Meetings

As part of the initial community input phase prior to concept development, City of Naperville staff and Ryan Companies held progress meetings that were open to the public to discuss current and ongoing efforts related to the 5th Avenue Project.

2018 Meetings

2017 Meetings

Steering Committee

The purpose of the 5th Avenue Steering Committee is to provide Ryan Companies with community input and direction during the community engagement phase of the 5th Avenue Project.

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City Council Workshops

As of May 2018, 5th Avenue Project updates are being incorporated into regular City Council meetings versus workshops to allow the public more time to share feedback, the City Council more opportunity to weigh in, and more time for responses from Ryan Companies. This change allows for more information sharing than can be accomplished in a one-hour workshop timeframe. Workshops will be held if the Council deems it necessary.

June 27, 2018 Workshop

May 15, 2018 Workshop

April 17, 2018 Workshop

February 20, 2018 Workshop

December 19, 2017 Workshop

City Council Meetings

Below are agenda items from City Council meetings that are related to the 5th Avenue Project.

2019 City Council Meetings

2018 City Council Meetings