Attainable Housing Toolkit

The Attainable Housing Toolkit is a comprehensive document containing city, county, state and federal information and housing resources that are available to low- to moderate-income senior citizens and residents with disabilities. Residents can find information in one document for programs such as tax relief, transportation, mortgage credit, ready access loans and others, which are briefly outlined with phone and email addresses provided for convenient use. Key contacts throughout the City of Naperville, its surrounding townships and counties, and the State of Illinois are also provided in the toolkit.

Attainable Housing Vision Statement

The City of Naperville strives to enhance its high quality living environment through the promotion of varied housing types which meet the needs of a diverse population. Recognizing the social and economic benefits associated with a versatile housing stock, Naperville is committed to supporting housing policies and programs that bolster the local housing market and the local economy. Naperville is committed to diligently executing the recommendations of the Action Plan: Addressing the Housing Needs of Naperville’s Low to Moderate Income Senior Citizens and Residents with Disabilities to assist meeting the housing needs of these populations.

Research and Analysis

In 2007, a city-wide analysis was conducted to determine impediments to fair housing choices in Naperville, resulting in the City’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing in Naperville. The Naperville Housing Needs and Market Analysis Report (HNMA) was completed to determine if Naperville's housing stock could be accessed by its residents and employees which resulted in the creation of the Action Plan to address the housing needs of low- to moderate-income senior citizens and residents with disabilities in a cost-neutral manner.

A gap analysis was also conducted to identify policies and programs offered in other communities that are not currently available to Naperville’s senior citizens and residents with disabilities. Information from that analysis was presented in the Report of Research Findings (PDF) and also the Supplemental Report of Research Findings (PDF).