Medical Emergency and Disability Information on Computer (MEDIC) Program

MEDIC is a free service offered by the City of Naperville and maintained by the Naperville Fire Department that records pertinent information about citizens who may require special consideration in emergencies.

Registering your address with MEDIC allows 9-1-1 operators to relay potentially life-saving data to appropriate first responders if you or someone in your home has special needs stemming from a life-threatening medical condition, significant physical or cognitive impairments that may impair communication or mobility, or a medical need for uninterrupted power in the home.

Participation in the program is strictly voluntary, and participants in the MEDIC program are contacted annually to validate and update their information.

For more information, or to find out if you or your loved one qualify for the program, please call the Naperville Fire Department at (630) 420-6142.