Field Training Program

The Naperville Police Department devotes considerable time and resources to the training of new patrol officers. The Department’s Field Training Program is designed to assist new hires in making the transition from an academy environment to solo patrol as a uniformed officer of the Naperville Police Department.

During field training, new officers spend 23 weeks receiving intense one-on-one training from the Department’s Field Training Officers, during which time they are evaluated daily and introduced to such topics as:

  • Patrol techniques 
  • Interview and interrogations 
  • Traffic and parking enforcement 
  • Property and financial crimes 
  • Missing persons 
  • Report writing 
  • Death investigations 
  • DUI enforcement 
  • Juvenile law 
  • Domestic disturbances 
  • Search and seizure law 
  • Prisoner processing

The Field Training Officers who train the probationary employees are selected for their professionalism and ability to teach their acquired knowledge.

Upon successful completion of the 23-week program, officers graduate to solo patrol and are assigned mentors from within the Department to assist with their professional growth and continued education. The Field Training Sergeant continues to conduct monthly evaluations of the new officer until the end of the officer’s 18-month probation.