Community Camera Registration Program

When a crime occurs in our city, video footage of the incident can lead to major breaks in the case, like the identification of a suspect vehicle or offender. It can also provide critical evidence to aid in the prosecution of an offender.

The Naperville Police Department’s voluntary camera registration program asks willing business owners and residents to register the locations of their security cameras with the department. This enables detectives to quickly contact registered camera owners in the area of a crime to determine if their camera system recorded any part of the incident.

This VOLUNTARY program provides officers the LOCATION ONLY of surveillance cameras so they can request footage. It DOES NOT PROVIDE THE DEPARTMENT WITH DIRECT ACCESS to the privately-owned camera system.

Knowing ahead of time where cameras are located greatly speeds up investigations and the apprehension of suspects. The program is simply a registry to let the Naperville Police Department know that you have a security camera system, that you are willing to assist the police and the best way to reach you.

The Naperville Police Department will only contact program participants if a criminal incident occurred near the registered camera system and officers believe the system may have captured footage that could aid in identifying and apprehending suspects.

Terms of Use:

  1. Camera system information provided will be for official use only.
  2. The participant’s personal information will be kept confidential by the City unless subject to disclosure by law or court order.
  3. This program is free and entirely voluntary. Participants can withdraw consent at any time by calling the Naperville Police Department at (630) 548-2967.
  4. If necessary, the Naperville Police Department will contact participants directly, using the information provided at the time of registration, to request the appropriate video surveillance footage.
  5. Any footage containing or related to criminal activity shared with the Naperville Police Department may be used as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding, and participants could be subject to a court subpoena.
  6. Under no circumstances shall the participants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the City of Naperville or the Naperville Police Department through the program.

By choosing to add their camera location(s) to the Community Camera Registration Program, participants acknowledge their understanding of and agreement to the above terms of use.

Register a Camera Location

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the Community Camera Registration Program?

Security cameras can increase safety and reduce risk of theft and vandalism to your business or residence. In the event of an incident, security cameras can also provide critical evidence to assist with the apprehension and charging of suspects. By providing your camera locations to police through this program and responding to requests for footage, you could help the Naperville Police Department solve crimes, make arrests and enhance the quality of life in Naperville.

What are the costs of participating?

There is no cost to participate in this program.

What about privacy concerns?

Participation in this program is voluntary, and participants get to choose what footage they share with police. The Naperville Police Department does not have direct access to cameras at any point.