SD204 Proposed Changes to Naperville Cash-In-Lieu of Land Fees


In February of 2021, the Naperville City Council agreed to initiate an amendment to Section 7-3-5 of the City’s Municipal Code at the request of Indian Prairie School District No. 204 (SD204). The amendment is based on information submitted by SD204 is specific to school-aged children being generated from developments occurring within its District boundaries.  Detailed information provided by RSP (SD204 Consultant), examples of impact, and answers to common questions are provided on this page.


On March 11, 2021 City staff host a virtual public meeting during which representatives from SD204 and RSP (SD204’s consultant) presented their findings and answered questions. This meeting was held at the request of the Naperville City Council as part of their action in February 2021 to initiate the amendment request from SD204.  More than 100 people were invited to this open public meeting event.  A meeting summary is available on this page.  No changes were suggested to the information presented.


City Council will conduct a first reading and consider action at a second meeting on an ordinance to amending Section 7-3-5 of the Municipal Code.  If approved, the ordinance The proposed SD204 school donation amendment will be applicable to: 

  • New development in Naperville located within SD204 boundaries seeking approval of a Final Plat and opting to pay the required cash-in-lieu of land school donation in a lump sum collected by the City prior to recording the plat; and
  • Any residential building permits in Naperville submitted for developments located within SD204 boundaries which opted to pay the donation requirement on a per permit basis when their Final Plat was approved. Note: the updated donation amount will apply to these building permits regardless of when their applicable subdivision plats were approved and recorded. 

Any amendment will apply only to SD204 school donations.