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Millennium Wall

Millennium Wall


Naperville’s Millennium Wall expresses thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to Celebration 2000, a citywide festival held to welcome in the third millennium. Each brick on the wall bears the name of a Naperville individual or business who contributed financially to Celebration 2000. The wall represents Naperville citizens working and planning together, united in a spirit of respect and honor for their shared lives within the community.


Located on the Riverwalk at Jackson Avenue between Webster and Eagle streets, the Millennium Wall anchors the top of the Riverwalk Amphitheater. Many free programs are offered year round at the open-air, multi-tiered amphitheater. A brick labyrinth path creates the amphitheater’s stage.

Find Your Brick

If you are trying to locate a brick please contact Riverwalk Administrator, Jan Erickson at (630) 305-5984.

Jan Erickson