Powering Our Community for the Future

Mayor's Water Conservation Challenge

Take the Mayor's Water Conservation Challenge and you'll be entered for a chance to win $5,000 to pay your utilities. Learn more about the challenge here.

Naperville's Electric Utility understands that to power our world for future generations, we must make environmentally friendly decisions today. Our customers have the opportunity to make electricity-saving choices in their homes and businesses as well as bring clean energy to Illinois' power grid.  

Did you know?

In 2017, Naperville's Renewable Energy Program had an environmental impact equivalent to removing more than

1,938 cars
from the road.

Energy Advisor

The City of Naperville's Energy Advisor estimates a customer's energy use and makes cost-saving recommendations - all in a matter of seconds.

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Have Solar Panels?

Fill out this form and let us know you have solar panels! Eligible Electric Utility customers can qualify for net metering.

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Energy Resource Center

Use the Energy Resource Center to discover how you can save energy.

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Load Factor Calculator

Businesses can evaluate their load factor and make changes that could potentially save them money.

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Department of Public Utilities - Electric

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    Naperville, IL 60540

    To set up new service: (630) 420-6059
    For billing questions: (630) 420-6059
    To report an electrical outage: (630) 420-6187
    To report streetlight issues: (630) 420-6187
    For all other electrical inquiries: (630) 420-6181