Working Together

Working Together

An Electric Utility distribution crew recently replaced a distribution automation overhead switch at the intersection of West Street and Oswego Road. These automated switches assist in isolating and restoring power to improve reliability over the vast distribution system the Electric Utility operates. The work was coordinated with the Department of Public Works, which set up lane closures to keep the area safe for the line workers, motorists and pedestrians.

Over a Century of Service

Over a Century of Service

As a public utility owned by the customers it serves, Naperville's Electric Utility has proudly served the community for more than a century. In 2016, the utility is bringing reliable electricity to around 59,000 customers monthly.

Your Electric Service

Naperville's municipally owned Electric Utility is locally controlled and managed, providing rates that are stable and competitive. Other benefits of local management include greater reliability and efficiency and quicker responsiveness to customer concerns. 

Pay Your Utility Bill

Naperville offers several convenient ways to pay your utility bill, including online payments.

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Did you know?

In April 2017, Naperville customers could expect to be without power for a total of

17.13 minutes
versus the April 2016 total of 20.67 minutes.

Department of Public Utilities - Electric

  • 1392 Aurora Avenue
    Naperville, IL 60540

    To set up new service: (630) 420-6059
    For billing questions: (630) 420-6059
    To report an electrical outage: (630) 420-6187
    To report streetlight issues: (630) 420-6187
    For all other electrical inquiries: (630) 420-6181