Utility Services and Billing

Connection Procedures

Electricity, Water and Wastewater

Electricity, water and wastewater service is supplied by the Naperville's Department of Public Utilities. Naperville offers customers a variety of convenient payment options. 

To establish service, residents must register and pay a deposit at the City’s Finance Department. Utility customers who own their property will have their security deposit refunded automatically after two years of good payment history. Utility customers who lease residential or commercial property will have their security deposit refunded at the termination of their utility service. When an account is closed, the deposit is applied to the final balance. For customers who do not have a balance, a payment refund check is issued. The city requires a minimum notification of two business days to start or stop service. 

A customer service representative can be reached during business hours by dialing (630) 420-6059. To report power outages during non-business hours, please call City Dispatch at (630) 420-6187.

Gas Utility

Residential and commercial gas utility in the City of Naperville are provided by Nicor Gas.

For more information or to establish service, call (888) 642-6748 or visit Nicor Gas.

If you have a natural gas emergency, call (888) NICOR4U (642-6748).

Utility Bill Payment Options

The City of Naperville offers a number of convenient ways to pay your monthly utility bill.

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Utility Customers - FAQ

Does the City hold utility deposits?
Holding utility deposits helps reduce the city’s exposure to delinquent accounts and increases the speed of the refund processing when made.

What if I own my property?
New and current utility customers who own their property will still have their utility deposit returned after two years of on-time payments with sufficient funds.

Will my deposit still be returned to me in the form of a check?
No. The refund will be applied directly to your utility account as a credit on your utility bill.

What has changed for renters?
Utility customers who rent their property will now have their utility deposit refunded at the termination of their utility service. The deposit will be applied to the customer’s final bill and the remainder will be refunded. If a current renter has already received a deposit refund to his/her utility account, they will not be required to pay the deposit again unless the credit history deems it necessary. Renters who have not yet been eligible to receive the refund will receive it when the utility account is closed.

Voluntary Rental Property Registration for Utility Deposit Purposes: Section 8-1C-3.12 and 8-2C-8 of the Naperville Municipal Code identifies the City’s requirements for utility deposits. The city applies deposits of utility customers who rent or lease property towards their final bill and any remainder is refunded. The deposits of utility customers who own their property are returned after two years of on-time payments with sufficient funds. The deposit is applied to their utility account and they are not required to maintain a deposit with the City as long as they timely pay their utility bills.

In order for the city to maintain a current rental property address list, property owners are asked to register the rental/lease addresses. The registration will ensure that the tenant deposit is held until the termination of the utility account. If a renter does not pay his/her utility bills, the city holds the property owner liable and files a lien against the property. Holding the deposits will reduce any potential delinquency balance to the city for which the property owner is ultimately liable for. If the property is not registered by the landlord, the city may be unable to hold the utility deposit for the rental units.

Register your rental property using the Rental Property Registration Form (.XLS 23 KB). Microsoft Excel is required to view and complete this form.

All completed forms must be submitted via e-mail to landlordregistration@naperville.il.us.

Who can I call for more information?
Please contact the Finance Department at (630) 420-6059.

Finance Department