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Join the Senior Task Force for its next meeting on Tuesday, July 11 from 1 to 3 p.m. in Meeting Room A of the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St. This meeting is open to the public and is an opportunity for residents to meet Senior Task Force members and provide suggestions for future projects or thoughts on ongoing senior issues. Each STF committee chair will bring people up to date on their activities, after which time the public will have an opportunity to speak. Please note comments will be limited to three minutes per speaker.

Naperville has a growing senior population, many of whom have lived in Naperville for most of their lives. Our seniors have been instrumental in developing the Naperville we live in today and add continuing value to our City.

The City warmly embraces our seniors and wants to help connect you to information about available resources to fill your unique needs. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of all services and the City does not recommend any one service. The information, services offered and qualifications for those services may change at any time. Agencies may have eligibility criteria that must be met in order to receive certain services, for example: geographic location, age, income guidelines or other criteria.

Did you know?

By the year 2019

27 percent
of Naperville's population will be age 55 or older.

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