Electric Rates

Residential customers pay a monthly service charge and a monthly energy consumption charge per kilowatt hour (kWh). Electric rates are set by the Naperville City Council and can be found in the municipal code book (Title 8, Chapter 1, Article C).

Naperville enjoys some of the most competitive electric rates in the greater Chicago area when compared to communities serviced by ComEd or through municipal aggregation contracts.

What's New on Your Bill?

Purchased Power Adjustment 

This February, electric customers saw a new line item on their utility bills. Learn more about the Purchased Power Adjustment (PPA) below.

 Purchased Power Adjustment description


Department of Public Utilities - Electric

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    To set up new service: (630) 420-6059
    For billing questions: (630) 420-6059
    To report an electrical outage: (630) 420-6187
    To report streetlight issues: (630) 420-6187
    For all other electrical inquiries: (630) 420-6181