Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request
Procedures to Obtain Records Under the FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state statute (5 ILCS 140) that provides for a straight-forward, easy-to-use method for the public to gain access government records. Any person who wishes to inspect and/or obtain copies of public records from the City of Naperville shall submit a FOIA request to the City Clerk’s Office unless the document in question can be obtained immediately. 

Submitting a FOIA Request

Online requests can be submitted 24 hours/day, 7 days/week via the city’s Web site and clicking on the Citizen Support link at the top right of the page. All requests for city documents will be directed to the FOIA Officer in the City Clerk’s Office. A computer is also located at the counter of the City Clerk’s Office (400 S. Eagle Street) for FOIA submission. Requests for police documents are handled by the Police FOIA Officer and can be made either online or in person at the Naperville Police Department located at 1350 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL.

The city will respond to all Freedom of Information requests within five working days of its receipt. If additional time is needed, you will be notified of the city’s intent to respond within an additional five working days as permitted under the Act. If any of the materials you have requested are exempt under the Act, you will be notified in writing of the specific exemption which applies to the documents and you will be provided with all non-exempt materials. You may seek review of any denial, or partial denial, of your request by judicial review pursuant to Section 11 of the Act, or by submitting a request for review to the Public Access Counselor in the Office of the Attorney General at the address set forth below. Any request for review to the Public Access Counselor must be in writing, signed by you, must include a copy of your request and the response, or responses, you have received from the city, and must be filed not later than sixty days after the date of the denial.

Public Access Counselor
Office of the Illinois Attorney General
Public Access & Opinions Bureau
500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62706

Fees for FOIA Documents

Department Document/Material Fee
Police Department Photo CD $2.50
Police Department Photo DVD $5
Police Department VHS $3.50
Police Department 4"x6" photo $0.60
Police Department Photo proof sheet $1.35
Police Department Paper copies (color)
after the first 50 pages
Police / Clerk's Office Paper copies (B/W)
after the first 50 pages
City Clerk's Office Plat $0.50
City Clerk's Office Data CD $1
City Clerk's Office DVD $1

Public Records - At Your Service

Whenever possible, the request shall be placed with the department that serves as the keeper of the particular record(s) requested. Information on the appropriate department to contact may be obtained from the City Clerk who serves as the city’s official keeper of the records.

The following is a list of documents that do not require the submission of a FOIA request and will be granted to the requestor by contacting the appropriate department. As staff is available these records may be provided on demand, however, there may be times where a short wait is necessary.

Documents Not Requiring a FOIA Request

  • City Clerk’s Office
    • City Council agendas and agenda items after 2009
    • City Council meeting minutes after 2009
    • Ordinances
    • Resolutions
    • Workshop packets and audio recordings
  • Transportation, Engineering & Development
    • Traffic counts
    • Traffic studies – prepared by staff
    • Grading plan – owner/engineer
    • FEMA maps/flood plain information
    • Transportation Advisory Board agenda items
    • Engineering drawings (not architectural)
    • Subdivision plats
    • Easement plat
    • PUD plat
    • Intersection crash data (summaries only)
    • Zoning verification
    • Building Permits Issued Statistics
  • Department Of Public Utilities
    • Sewer concerns (for a single address only)
    • Water concerns (for a single address only)
    • Sprinkling violations
    • Completed Work Orders
    • JULIE Tickets
    • NSGI documents
  • Fire Department
    • Fire incident reports
  • Finance
    • Workshop materials
    • Vendor listing
    • Copy of your personal utility statement
    • Copy of miscellaneous receivable statement
    • Tenant bills for owners/landlords
  • Purchasing
    • Bid Tabulations
    • RFP Opening Tabs
    • City Council, CMO or CPO Awarded Items
    • Recommendations
    • Notices of Award or Rejection

FOIA Officers

City Clerk's Office - Online FOIA Request

Lynn R. Zilinsky - Clerk
400 S. Eagle Street
(630) 305-5226 

Pam LaFeber, Ph.D. - City Clerk
400 S. Eagle Street
(630) 420-6047 

Naperville Police Department - Online FOIA Request

Commander Tom Kammerer - Records Manager
1350 Aurora Avenue
(630) 420-6723

Kathy Duxbury - Records Supervisor
1350 Aurora Avenue
(630) 420-6663

Mark Vogel - Records Supervisor
1350 Aurora Avenue
(630) 305-5973

Cathy Marcuccilli - Records Technician
1350 Aurora Avenue
(630) 420-6157

Cali Reavy - Records Technician
1350 Aurora Avenue
(630) 420-6157 

Melinda Mattas - Records Technician
1350 Aurora Avenue
(630) 420-6157