Housing Advisory Commission

The Housing Advisory Commission plays an important role in discouraging illegal and unethical housing practices by promoting and encouraging fair housing to all. 

The Housing Advisory Commission has 9 powers and duties as defined in Municipal Code Section 2-5-3:

  1. Assist the City Council in the development and implementation of a City policy related to housing.
  2. Encourage the maintenance of existing sound housing and rehabilitation of deteriorating housing.
  3. Assist in the identification and development of available resources related to housing.
  4. Study and consider such other matters as may be referred to it from time to time by the City Council.
  5. To receive, investigate and process, as hereinafter set forth, complaints alleging violations of the provisions of Title 10, Chapter 5 of this Code.
  6. To seek conciliation of, hold hearings on, and make findings of fact with respect to any complaint received.
  7. To make recommendations to the City Council upon its findings and make a report to the City Council of its findings of fact and recommendations.
  8. To render a written annual report to the City Council of its activities, and its recommendations, if any, with respect to the enforcement of Title 10, Chapter 5 of this Code; and to render such other reports as the City Council may request.
  9. To keep a separate file of every complaint filed, and keep an accurate record of all its proceedings.

Commission Updates

  • Fair Housing and Discrimination 
    Fair Housing Ordinance and Brochure, Housing Discrimination, How to File a Complaint, and Additional Fair Housing Resources.
  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (Assessment of Fair Housing)
    Information on the City’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (2007) and The Naperville Housing Needs and Market Analysis (2009).
  • Attainable Housing Toolkit
    Resources for low- to moderate-income senior citizens and residents with disabilities.
  • Rental Regulations
    The City of Naperville does not currently require the registration or licensing of landlords renting property within the city limits. The City does have a Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program, which is implemented on a voluntary basis. The HAC hosted a public meeting on potential rental regulations on May 4, 2015 with follow-up discussion occurring on July 13, 2015 with mixed feedback from local residents, landlords, and service organizations. At their August 18, 2015 meeting the City Council directed staff to continue monitoring the City’s current voluntary program and recommend additional regulatory measures, if and when necessary.
  • Additional Housing Resources
    Information on local affordable housing resources and related topics.

Meeting Information

The Commission’s regularly scheduled meetings occur the first Monday of every other month at 6:30 p.m. in the Lower Level Meeting Room A of the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., Naperville, IL 60540, unless otherwise noted. Additional meetings may be held if needed. 

See the Government Meetings Calendar

The Commission consists of members generally appointed on the basis of areas of interest or expertise by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. Members serve three year terms or until a successor is appointed. A student representative is also appointed to the Commission and serves a one-year term.

Kasey Evans, AICP