Riverwalk Commission

Change to Meeting Documents

All meeting agendas, packets and minutes for the Riverwalk Commission and Riverwalk Planning, Design and Construction Committee are now available on the City Board and Commission Meeting Documents page.

Moser Tower Structural Assessment - Updated April 6, 2018

In 2015, a structural assessment of Moser Tower was conducted to evaluate this asset's current condition and develop an asset management plan moving forward. Click here to view the full report.

The Riverwalk Commission sought additional testing and evaluation on the structure to gain more in-depth information. This testing on Moser Tower began the week of March 26, 2018, and ended the week of April 2. During this time, ERA and its subcontractors further assessed the tower to determine the root cause of the structure’s deterioration.

More detailed data will hone in on the structure’s issues, which will allow for more focused solutions. The updated report is expected to be submitted in the summer of 2018.