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Environmental Sustainability

In 2010, the Naperville City Council approved the Environmental Sustainability Plan. The plan established a long-term vision for environmental sustainability in Naperville and serves as a guide for the city’s actions related to environmental leadership and initiatives.

The framework of the plan is organized around five categories including Leadership & Education, Resources & Energy, Transportation and Mobility, Waste Management and Recycling and Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. The categories were developed following an environmental sustainability inventory report in 2007.

Since approving the plan, Naperville has implemented a number of initiatives and programs that positively impacted the community and environment. The efforts of the City are documented in an annual sustainability report.


How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Autumn presents an excellent time for residents to begin preparing their homes for cooler months. One of the easiest ways a home-owner can save energy is through weatherizing efforts that properly seal a home and add comfort during frigid winter nights. For tips and information on how to improve your home check out the Home Performance with Energy Star.

Dangers of Idling Vehicle

Three Still Middle School students claimed the North Central Region title of 2016 eCYBERMISSION competition coordinated by the Army Educational Outreach Program.

The students presented the results of their environmental study of the air pollution impact occurring from idling vehicles at schools district 204. The project is part of a STEM initiative called eCYBERMISSION (

The data collected from this study is provided in the student presentation below. The students recommend parents and visitors consider alternatives to idling (e.g. turning engines of, using bus transportation, walking, biking, etc.) to minimize the impact of idling on Naperville’s environment. A copy of the presentation is attached below.

The students advanced after winning the Illinois portion of the competition earlier this year.