Van Buren Parking Deck Maintenance

The Downtown Parking Deck Maintenance Program was established in 2016 as a multi-year capital projected to ensure the Central Business District parking decks are maintained as a sustainable asset. In 2017, the City’s architectural firm, Farnsworth Group, performed a comprehensive evaluation of the public parking decks. The subsequent report indicated that the uppermost level of the Van Buren Parking Desk requires the repair and replacement of deck joints and sealant. The work performed through this project will prevent water from leaking through to the lower decks and contributing to further deterioration of the structure and related components.

Current Activity

Monday, May 21: Level 5 of the parking deck is closed for maintenance for the next 3-4 weeks as planned. The detour route is in place and temporary no parking areas are set up on the 4th floor directly below the work area to ensure cars cannot park directly under the work area. 

At this time, level 5 will remain completely closed, even on weekends, due to the amound of concrete work that needs to be done. Levels 1-4 will remain open unless otherwise stated. 

Please continue to follow all posted closure and detour signs. 

Friday, May 11: Work is scheduled to begin at 10 p.m. on Sunday, May 13. Overnight parking is prohibited during overnight hours on the fifth floor of the Van Buren parking deck. Please follow all posted closure and detours signs. 


Week 1: May 13 - May 18: The first phase of work will begin on the west expansion deck of the fifth floor. For the first week, crews will work overnight between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Crews will begin work on Sunday, May 13 at 10 p.m.

Week 2-5 - May 21- June 15 (tentative)After the first phase is complete, work will commence on the remaining areas of the fifth floor. This phase of work is expected to begin the week of May 21 and crews will work between the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Project timeline and work is weather dependent.

Impacts to Parking

Monday through Friday
The entire fifth floor and portions of the fourth floor will be inaccessible during the work week (Monday through Friday) for the entire project. Daily no parking areas will be roped-off on the fourth floor directly below the fifth floor work areas to prevent debris from falling on parked cars below. Areas that are not being worked on above will be open to parking. 

Saturday and Sunday
Unless otherwise noted, all levels of the parking deck will be re-opened and available for use on Saturdays and Sundays. As a reminder, overnight parking is prohibited in the Van Buren parking deck on Sundays.