Naperville Animal Control

Naperville Animal Control is a unit within the Naperville Police Department designed to:

  • Enforce local and state animal control and welfare laws
  • Operate a shelter for stray and non-native/exotic animals
  • Rescue animals that are stray, injured, or in peril
  • Promote responsible pet ownership and animal care through counseling and enforcement

A complete list of services offered by Naperville Animal Control

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Some Statistics From Naperville Animal Control in 2015:

  • Calls received for service in 2015 = 4,934
  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) annual report on wildlife = 1,556, including non-service calls
  • Top four wildlife species inquiries:
    • Birds - 441
    • Raccoons - 276
    • Skunks – 247
    • Coyotes – 165
  • Of the impounded animals in 2015:
  • Returned to Owner
    cats = 38%; dogs = 83%
  • Animals transferred to humane societies for adoption
    cats = 55%; dogs = 15%

First Quarter Statistics for 2016:

  • Total number of cats and dogs returned to owner = 49
  • Total number of cats and dogs transferred to shelters = 17
  • Total number of cats and dogs euthanized = 1
  • Total number of wildlife transferred to Willowbrook Wildlife Center = 13


A list of animals currently impounded (PDF) at Naperville Animal Control is being updated every Thursday.


What Else do Animal Control Officers (ACOs) Do?

  • The animal control supervisor attended a summit in January sponsored by Illinois Animal Welfare Federation and County Animal Control of Illinois regarding cat overpopulation. The two boards defined the problem, drew conclusions and developed action plans.   
  • The Naperville Police Department employs four full-time ACOs who work 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
  • ACOs respond to field calls, maintain the animals at the shelter and also function as office staff returning voice mails and emails as well as releasing the animals to the owner.

Additional Regional Animal Service Agencies 

Animal Services for Unincorporated Naperville
DuPage County Animal Control
(630) 407-2800
120 N. County Farm Road
Will County Animal Control
(815) 462-5633
1200 S. Cedar Road, Unit D
New Lenox
Other Animal Services
Willowbrook Wildlife Center
(630) 942-6200
525 S. Park Boulevard
Glen Ellyn
Local Humane Societies
Naperville Area Humane Society
(630) 420-8393
1620 W. Diehl Road
Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment (ADOPT)
(630) 355-2299
420 Industrial Drive