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The Naperville Police Department asks that you make Back to School Safety a priority. Before the first day of school be sure to talk to your students concerning the following:

  • Stay within the crosswalkStudents should know their home address and phone number, as well as, a parent’s cell phone number. Help your child practice it so they have it memorized before school begins.
  • Use the buddy system. Always walk to and from school with a friend or stay with a group at the bus stop. There is safety in numbers. If riding the bus, visit the bus stop with your child and be sure they know their bus number.
  • Walk/ride in well lit areas and never take shortcuts. Instruct children to avoid places they cannot be seen or heard and to stay on the Safe Routes to School.
  • Before the first day of school, walk to and from school with your child.
  • Stay within the crosswalks and obey all traffic signals/signs. Obey the crossing guard, if one is available. If children ride their bikes to school, make sure they wear a helmet. Click here for additional bicycle safety tips (PDF).
  • Teach children the safety rule, “Say NO, GO and TELL”. If anyone approaches your child, offers them a ride, asks for directions, or makes them feel uncomfortable, instruct them to say “NO”, get away from the situation (GO), and TELL a trusted adult. Be sure to discuss with your child who trusted adults may be: teachers, parents, friend’s parents, neighbors, police officers, firefighters, relatives, etc.
  • Make sure children understand NEVER to leave school with anyone they haven’t been instructed to leave with by you. If someone comes up to them and tells them that there is an emergency and they want your child to go with them, be sure they know to check first with you or another trusted adult (school personnel) before doing so.
  • If your students will be taking care of themselves after school, find helpful tips and additional safety rules taken from our Third Grade - On Your Own program.

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