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Water and Wastewater Rates

Meter Reading Updates

The City of Naperville has recently entered a contract with Alexander’s Contract Services and is now working towards reading water meters on a monthly, year round basis. Starting in September 2016, your water meter will be read every month. When data can be managed on a monthly basis, estimated bills should be significantly reduced. This effort will result in a consistent billing program. The City is aware that severe swings in bills can disrupt resident’s budgets, especially those on fixed incomes and we hope that gathering accurate monthly readings will provide you with a more consistent water bill based specifically on your monthly usage rates. 

Starting in September, workers from Alexander’s Contract Services will visit your neighborhood monthly to collect meter data. Alexander’s employees can be identified with reflective vests that say “Meter Reading” over blue uniforms as well as an employee badge with his or her name and picture. Employees will be seen driving company registered white vans with the Alexander’s logo or scooters/mopeds and each employee will carry a handheld device and Versa Probe to collect meter data.

The Alexander’s employees reading your meter do not have access to account information and cannot provide information on Utility Customer Service.

For questions regarding your account or other service information, please contact the City of Naperville Customer Service Division directly at: 

Department of Public Utilities - Customer Service Division

Water Rate Data

On May 1, 2015, Wholesale Water Rates decreased from $3.70 per 100 cubic feet (ccf) to $3.63. (1 ccf is equal to 748 gallons). The decrease in the Wholesale Water Rate is a direct pass-through of the water rate charged by the DuPage Water Commission, the City of Naperville’s water supplier. Wholesale Water Rates are approximately 70% of customers’ monthly water utility bills. 

The Wholesale Water Rate component is determined by the DuPage Water Commission based on the City of Chicago’s water rates. Accordingly, the wholesale water rate is automatically passed directly through to City of Naperville utility customers.

Please note that all unincorporated Naperville water customers pay a 10% surcharge on the water rates. These customers' bills will reflect volumetric (wholesale and retail) rates 10% higher than the rates published below, which apply to incorporated Naperville customers. 

The wholesale rate is a pass through rate to the consumer. However, the wholesale rate does require City Council action to amend and/or adopt new rates as we receive information from the DuPage Water Commission.

Department of Public Utilities-Water